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Alex Grey's magnificent Gaia painting. From www.alexgrey.com.

Organic Mechanics (Omecha) is an independent research initiative committed to advancing knowledge and techniques relating to life sciences research. At present, Omecha has several themes of focus:

          *  Science, culture & the environment
          *  Philosophy of science
          *  Physics and ecology

Omecha hosts books, articles, and presentations. Your comments, ideas, and contributions are most welcome.

The image to the left is of Alex Grey's magnificent painting, Gaia, courtesy of www.alexgrey.com.

Resonance and Biological Form

Science has yet to resolve the mystery of a living being’s self-assembly into intricate patterns of form and function. Three-dimensional cell and tissue patterns in developing flower buds indicate a developing plant organ can act as a cavity resonator, self-creating a spatially patterned force field called a resonant mode. The biological form may self-excite its own cavity resonances through mechanical vibrations or bioelectrical excitations.

Aerial-Dropped, Poison-Laced Food in New Zealand’s Forests

Imagine an aeroplane flies low over a big city like New York, scattering twenty dollar bills down over the urban centre. These bills are laced with a unique poison that’s invisible, scentless, and so toxic that merely picking up a bill and putting it into your pocket is enough to initiate a horrific three-day process leading to your inevitable death as there’s no antidote. The government is behind this procedure as it believes that a specific human enemy has infiltrated the urban community. Moreover, it claims that only the human enemy will pick up the poison-laced money. All other citizens will simply leave it alone. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, right? Of course. All types of people are bound to pick up twenty dollar bills that float down from the sky. Yet this ridiculous scenario directly parallels the use of aerial-dropped poison in New Zealand’s forest ecosystems and the government’s claims to its selectivity and safety.

Before getting into the drier details, I urge you to take a moment to consider a short photoessay created by New Zealand's Graf Brothers, which says what thousands of words cannot express:

Photoessay - New Zealand - Clean, Green 1080% Pure

Please visit the 1080Science website for more information.

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